Children of the Land


Children of the Land – Plant y Tir – in Welsh is our exciting first book – a beautiful and exhilarating ride. Available from all good bookshops or online.

 The Flow gives us Enfys, a young woman of Caerlliion determined to do right by her people but lulled into captivity by tricks and pregnancy. She must give birth to monsters before she can find her freedom and fight back against the afanc.

In Bones and Fire Kaveri and Dai find the monsters are all too close. Dai inherits the corpse burning business from her father: she is happy growing trees and walking along Rhossili Down, until an old lover returns with horrifying news.

 Rare turtles are coming to Menai Strait as the seas get hotter, attracting the attention of rogue traders and geneticists. Morgen and Magda provoke cataclysm, bringing together freezing water and boiling rock to make Pillow Lava and give the new arrivals a safe place to breed.

Hawks of Dust and Wine won second place in the 2019 Rheidol Prize. Adain, proud Hawkmistress, has found the griffons of myths are held captive in her husbands mews. She schemes for years to see them fly.

Mwyn does not know what she is, save that she will return to Wales to mine rare earths. Encountering Caerwyn she becomes entangled in a battle only one can win. The Fortress is her castle.


For lovers of magical realism – Angel Carter perhaps, or Ursula LeGuin – the tales are rooted in the Welsh landscape, with visceral description of place and inventive range of subject, from gay rights and ecology to cremation and women with power. The characters in these stories may travel via ultralight, but their concerns, desires and questions come from ancient and perpetual places,  to create new myths and spurs to action.  

Philippa Davies 





These elemental tales pulse with the power of the sea, lift and veer on the wild wind and echo with the sounds of the deep underground even as they amply demonstrate a vivid imagination in play. Plant y Tir / Children of the Land announce a new writing talent who can summon  landscapes into being, or imagine a changed global economy or meld languages such as Welsh, English and Wolof so that they dance beautifully together.  


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Summer 2023


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